Friday, January 26, 2007

Homorevolution calls out all the pretty rappers

What's being billed as the "first ever tour of gay, lesbian and bisexual rappers" is under way in the States. Not that Deadlee would actually say HomoRevolution is the first tour of gay rappers, just the first under that banner.

He knows what he thinks:

"Eminem was called out for his juvenile, hateful approach to homosexuality, especially in his song 'Criminal'

"He was the biggest rapper at the time and if he used the same song as a diss to Blacks or Latinos, he would probably be dead.

"Eminem likes to pick on the 'weak' but gays aint weak and he might be a fag himself. He knew all the subcultures in that song."

Come on, Eminem with his short cropped bleached hair and constant crotch grabbing dance gay? You'll be telling us DMX is gay next... oh...

DMX was next in the firing line. Objecting to the constant references to "faggots" and "homo-thugs" that pepper DMX's lyrics, Deadlee again went for the jugular:

"I find it crazy when his videos are very homoerotic," said Deadlee. "All the guys kicking it with their shirts off!"

But at least you know where you are with 50 Cent, right? Maybe not - less 50 Cent, more Thirteen Bob Note, reckons Deadlee:

He reserved the most hate for unfathomably titanic G 50 Cent, after he revealed last year that he "ain't into faggots":

"Fuck him. I don't like ignorant bitches around me, so he can suck my gun," retorted Deadlee.

"He is a classic man who had Homo-feelings and chooses to lash out because he is afraid he might act out on his true feelings.

"50 Cent has deep rooted homosexual tendencies."

Actually, Deadlee, we do think it's possible that 50 Cent shouts his mouth off not because he's repressing an innate desire to have a naked bubblebath with The Game, but because he's a homophobic mule-child. But we'd be happy to be corrected on that, especially if there were pictures.

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