Saturday, January 27, 2007

There's now a Sham 69, and a sham Sham 69

The glorious resurrection of Sham 69 to peddle that, frankly shoddy, World Cup song last year has come to a bitter end, with the band in pieces.

Two pieces, and, like an earthworm cut in two, both bits have grown into a new Sham 69*. Neither is prepared to accept the other has any legitimacy:

Pursey said [Dave] Parsons had left the group, while Parsons said he and drummer Ian Whitewood had sacked the singer.

Pursey said: "He [Parsons] has walked out of the band. I am Sham 69."

But Parsons and Whitewood said: "Sham 69 have left Jimmy Pursey."

We were unsure the world needed one Sham 69 in 2007. We're certain we don't bloody need two.

* - we know earthworms don't actually do this, but we're not David Attenborough, OK?