Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How do you gift wrap divorce papers?

How delightful that Kerry Katona is treating her legal uncoupling from Brian McFadden as a "late Christmas present":

"It was the best present I could have ever wished for," she said. "Now I'm looking forward to this year, my new baby and planning our wedding."

Apparently, though, her new husband-to-be (let's hope he doesn't get the idea that Kerry loves nothing more than divorces for Christmas) is going to handle all the wedding planning himself. Almost as if he's afraid that, left to Kerry, it'd be like My Little Pony gone wild at a taffeta showroom.

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James said...

Wedding buffet courtesy of Iceland? Mmmmmm... I can see the commercial tie-in now - Katona in a wedding dress, bellowing into camera about how you don't have to spend lurds of money on dead posh party food, just pop down to Iceland. The whole sorry advert would culminate in either
a) A guest complimenting Katona on the food, asking if she made it herself then Katona claiming that she did, before giving a knowing wink to camera (because, you see, she didn't! Ahahaha! She's so cheeky!),
b) A scene in which the wedding cake consists of a stack of prawn-rings and £1.99 gateaux, or
c) Katona issuing a poorly-spelt death threat to anyone who dares to shop at Tesco

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