Thursday, January 18, 2007

Kylie replaces the botched date

It shouldn't have taken so long, and looks now more like a bid to try and shore up the image than a gesture of generosity: if people managed to not rip up their tickets in disgust on Saturday, they can trail back across the country to the MEN for a replacement gig on January 23rd.

It would be great if Kylie came on stage and said "Right, where were, then?" and picked up from where she'd left off, but we bet that doesn't happen.

Indeed, Kylie's official statement suggests she's starting to get regal overtones:

"I have not at any stage ignored the advice of my doctors. In fact, I postponed two shows this week on their advice in order to be healthy enough to finish the tour.

"Nearly all of my crew were hit by this terrible flu during the course of this tour and despite my best efforts I too succumbed last week.

"I am now overjoyed to announce that I have been declared fit to return to the stage."

All you need is to cut in some footage of Prince Philip climbing off a plane into a sea of potential gaffes, and you'd not be able to tell that from a Christmas Message, would you?

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