Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mike Skinner almost dies. Apparently.

It's not quite staring into the eyes of the Big D, but Mike Skinner reckons he's caught a glimpse of Death's flowing cape. On a big dipper:

“I swear I almost died. We were on a pirate ship-style thing and as the bar came down into my lap I stopped it going too far to avoid it hurting.

“When we swung upside down I started slipping out of my seat. I was hundreds of feet up in the air, like in an action film. I was bricking it.

No, Mike... not "like in action film" - there's yet to be a Die Hard film in which Bruce Willis goes to the fairground. This is akin to the time I nearly got eaten by a lion at a safari park, and it was only because the car didn't break down and a door fly open that saved my life.