Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Simon Cowell doesn't like music

The headline, we realise, is a little redundant - anyone who loved music wouldn't inflict the pain onto it in the way Cowell does - but in an interview with US magazine he's more or less admitted he sees it as a commodity rather than an art form:

he revealed he can “go weeks and weeks without listening to music for pleasure”.

Cowell, 47 — whose artists have sold 25million albums and 17 number 1 singles — added: “If you work at a fish and chip shop, it’s unlikely you’re going to eat fish and chips at night.

“The idea of sitting in an audition room for 14 hours then putting on my iPod — it’s like, ‘No! I can’t do it!’

Presumably, if you thought you were going to be battered by the sort of "music" that Cowell pushes - which is less fish and chips, more the sort of kebab sold from a rusty van parked in the street - you wouldn't want to go near an iPod at all.


Cobardon said...

Surely in his analogy, he'd not eat at all though?

If his stuff was all I heard I'd hate music too. Of course, he could always try and make music that is better and would make him want to hear it...

'Everything you eat is waste/but swallowing is easy when it has no taste...'

as the very wise Andy Partridge once sung.

Anonymous said...

I think he's just coming up with an elaborate cover story to hide the real reason he doesn't listen to his iPod... I've heard the music he's put out and there's only one type of person could not realise what they're doing... so I have come up with a theory which explains everything...

Deaf people don't listen to iPods!

Anonymous said...

'he revealed he can “go weeks and weeks without listening to music for pleasure”'

We know, Simon. We've seen your show.

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