Sunday, January 07, 2007

This week just gone

The week on No Rock & Roll Fun.

The ten most-read stories of the week:

1. The Heather Mills McCartney naked past
2. KT Tunstall's secret lesbian signals
3. The Heather Mills McCartney naked present
4. NME's 2005 Cool List
5. McFly show their balls
6. Whitney Houston's distress sale confuses The Sun
7. 2006 year-end lists and reviews
8. Lily Allen swaps her clothes on a train
9. The first post of the year
10. Russell Brand hosts the 2006 NME awards

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Valette 2006

and we suggested these as stocking-stuffer shaped best music books of 2006:

Handy picks of ver imperial-phase Hits - useful if your collection is locked in a storage unit

Your OED of the chart world, even essential in its post-Tim Rice era

Alex Kapranos collects his foodie columns from the Guardian

Outside, Courtney's arse. Inside, pretty much that, too, as the Widow Cobain issues her never-apologia

Caught between the legend and facts of Kurt's life, Everett True elects to print the bits about himself instead

Definitive Libertines book produced through first-hand observation rather than cutting up a few back issues of the Mirror

We're probably a good five years from a balanced consideration of Joe Strummer, but for now, affectionate attention to detail feels right

Still think Alan Ant should have called his autobiog 'Didley qua qua', mind

Pet Shop Boys "visual retrospective" (i.e. picture book)

... and the slightly more wordy Crass history

Tim Moore goes in search of those who failed to scrape even a single, block-voted point in Eurovision

Collected Tom Waits interviews, also serving as a tribute to the great days of rock journalism on expense accounts

The PopJustice take on, erm, That

Johnny Rogan fails to die on M62, returns to Mozzography

Gary Mullholland attempts to list the 261 best post-punk albums. His errors and omissions are, of course, where the fun is