Monday, January 29, 2007

Throttling the Rooster

Sometimes, when a band splits, the news hits you with the full force of discovery. Other times, you shrug and express mild surprise they were still going.

Let's not cheapen the moment of Rooster's demise by speculating into which of those categories their shambling from the rock stage falls into.

They've issued a statement:

"Over Christmas we've all had time to think about Rooster, the future and ourselves! Unfortunately we have all decided that now's the time to go our separate ways. We've had the most amazing four years and have all loved every single minute of it.

"We feel privileged to have some of the most up for it, committed fans who were as much a part of the atmosphere at our shows as us and our music was! I'm sorry that its taken us so long to let you guys know but, as you can imagine, we didn't make this decision lightly. Hope to see some of you in the future, as we all look onwards and upwards!!"

So they broke up over Christmas, and only announce it within spitting distance of February? It's almost as if they'd forgotten they were still a going concern, too.

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