Friday, February 09, 2007

Can someone spare Heather Mills a tanner?

Heather Mills insisted just before Christmas that if she was a gold digger, she'd have lots of money. And besides, she had lots of money of her own.

We didn't quite understand the logic. But if she thinks the fact she's not rich proves, in some way, that she's not after Paul's money, she's copper-bottoming the proof: the Evening Standard reckons that Mills has driven herself into debt with the divorce battle.

Or rather, that Mills believes McCartney has deliberately drawn-out the legal battle in order to wear down Heather's resources so that she'll have to accept a lower settlement as she won't be able to afford to carry on fighting. Although the Standard then says that because Paul has drawn out the legal battle, it means Heather is needing to seek more money because she needs to pay more legal bills.

The sense it's all being made up hangs over it all.

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