Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Heather Mills attempts to please people with her twirls

The pledged motivation for Heather Mills' appearance on Dancing With The Stars is simple:

Her spokesman Phil Hall told the BBC News website: "She's doing it because she loves dancing, always has, enjoys a challenge and sees this as a combination of both.

Her participation was "nothing to do with the money", he added. "It's just to do with the challenge and fun of it."

Well, that, we imagine, and the desperate hope that it'll make people like her a little bit more. And the money.

Let's hope it's not as terrible as her last major appearance on US TV, when she sat in for Larry King. There are still an estimated five thousand Americans still hiding from that programme behind their sofas.


James said...

Well, I can't fault her reasoning. After all, the only way to combine the twin thrills of dance and competition is to make a well-paid appearance on a reality TV show.

Wait, what's that,

"Results 1 - 10 of about 13,200,000 for 'dance competition'"


karlt said...

Presumably this is a different Heather Mills to the one who was complaining about media intrusion into her life a few weeks back.

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