Monday, February 19, 2007

The inevitable outcome: Sirius, XM merge

After a few years of burning through cash fighting each other, the US' two satellite radio networks have reached the conclusion we all could forsee: Sirius and XM are to merge.

It's good news for their 12 million-odd subscribers, and good news for the radio industry in general. Perhaps less pleased by the news will be the sports organisations who've enjoyed a bidding war for radio rights - Sirius, for example, had signed up to pay $220million to the NFL over a seven year-period. Now the two companies won't be rushing to outbid each other, there might be some money left over for more interesting things.

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James said...

Is this like in those action films where the leading man and the feisty female he gets stuck with spend most of the movie at each others' throats, when it's clear to everyone that they'll end up shagging 80 minutes in?


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