Friday, February 23, 2007

Less John Peel every day

Inevitable, of course, but nonetheless disappointing: the latest overhaul of the Radio One website has removed all links to the John Peel section of the site. At the moment, it's still there - it just doesn't seem possible to find it without knowing it's there - not even a link from Steve Lamacq's page.

Meanwhile, though, we were interested in this item currently on the Radio One indie page:

The Jesus and Mary Chain discussing the Reformation? "Frankly, William, the Settlement was always heading England straight for trouble..."
"It's time John Fisher was treated properly by history, Jim..."

Elsewhere: John Peel in full

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Anonymous said...

I don't really look at the Radio one site very much (funnily enough only to look up what such and such a band played on their nineteenninetybla Peel session) but I went on to take a look at what you were talking about and I couldn't help but laugh that half the page is taken up by an enormous "WHAT'S YOUR NUMBER ONE FILM OF ALL TIME?"... but of course I'm sure it's still all about the music on Radio 1... oh yes

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