Thursday, February 08, 2007

Spice Girl reunion story spotted

Like the first cuckoo, it's a sign of spring being just around the corner when one of the tabs runs a Spice Girls reunion story.

Don't believe it until you hear Mel C announcing it.


Anonymous said...

Makes a load of sense doesn't it. Move to L.A. with your wannabe movie star footballing fella and you are going to need something to keep you in the media spotlight. What could be better than getting the old band back together? America being sich a classless society they will have trouble taking to Posh so a coast to coast media circus is probably at an advanced planing stage. Pity the poor americans. What a pile of crap.

JohnneyB said...

Why does Posh need to stay in the media spotlight again? It's not like she's got a music career anymore, and the family aren't short of a few bob. A tour would be expensive and tiring, and would anybody REALLY be interested in the spice girls reunion? Maybe in 5 years time when nostalgia kicks in. I say the whole thing's nonsense.

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