Sunday, February 11, 2007

This week just gone

Here's the week as seen from No Rock and Roll Fun:

The ten most popular individual pages were:

1. Unexpectedly, Mariah Carey's 2005 claim that Glitter flopped because of 9/11 was the most-read story this week
2. ...just ahead of the Mariah Carey Playboy front cover
3. McFly get naked for GAY
4. Lily Allen changes under the sea
5. KT Tunstall: more or less gay than Dusty Springfield?
6. Heather Mills' supposed naked photos for PETA
7. Jo O'Meara's lazy racial stereotyping
8. Jo refuses to say 'sorry'
9. Brandy implicated in death cash
10. Judge wants to see R Kelly sex video

You can read the whole week on one page or
skim the week before in one go.

The big story was the (somewhat belated) release of the SXSW bands list.

Also this week, The Sun signalled the end of the "Brave Kylie" era, Alanis Morissette called off her engagement, our hearts sunk as Robbie Williams plots another swing album, and Steve Jobs called for an end to DRM.

Five years ago this week, Limp Bizkit were holding auditions to find a replacement for Wes Boland. Fans were somewhat surprised to discover they had to assign copyright on their own compositions to Fred Durst's band just for trying out.

The recommended stuff last week was:

The long-awaited, darker second Bloc Party album

The Noisettes helpfully add "album version" onto the album versions of all their tracks

One track, five piece experimental mini-album from The Decemberists

Hedrons debut album full of noise and thrashings

Frank Black recorded some of Christmass in hotel rooms, which sounds dangerously close to "in his underpants" to us

Butterflies of Love "as tuneful as Barry Manilow in the shower" reports Drowned In Sound

Mint Royale present a greatest hits and video package thingy. Yes, some hits, actually

Lady Sov's album gets a second chance at a quieter time

Amazon reckons as The Cold War Kids CD "wears on however, Willett's warbles sound increasingly unconvincing and the band seem to run out of ideas" - that might be a little overkind

Slightly concept-ish album from Rickie Lee Jones (who never seems to get as much kudos as Patti Smith for some reason)

The ongoing second remastering of Bowie's back catalogue continues with a fresh slew

... and Tony Visconti's autobiography to read while you listen

They're taking pre-orders for Doherty's doodle book. Kurt Cobain was dead before his private journals were released as a cash-in. Mind you, this isn't due until May...

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