Saturday, March 24, 2007

Allen tries to salvage American career

Lily Allen is rushing to try and fix the screw-up over telling Americans they're backward. Apparently, you know, she never meant that at all:

“Apparantly I said that all Americans are backwards in some interview. While some Americans probably ARE (every country has a backwards contingent ), that would be a sweeping generalisation and also not true.

“I think there are some very clever Americans . I don't actually remember saying these things , but they were said in Texas which is where the SXSW festival was, therefore I must have been very drunk and showing off. Soz.”

Oh, well, if you were drunk, that makes all the difference. Presumably that also explains the more teeth-grating parts of your album, too.

What Keith Allen's daughter forgets, though, is that she's trying to correct something without checking what she said first. Allen actually said Texans were backward, with Arkansas and Wyoming residents being even more backward than that. Then she said she had nothing in common with Americans at all. Perhaps she better claim she was on drucks, too.

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