Saturday, March 24, 2007

Mika tries to make his 'don't ask, don't tell' seem more exciting

Has Mika really had death threats over his tiresome refusal to say if he's gay or not?:

“I get hate messages all the time, even a death threat. It was over whether I am gay or not. (A fan) wasn't happy that I won't talk about my personal life like that."

The problem, Mika, is not that you won't talk about it - it's more the way you constantly bang on about how you won't talk about it. A man's sexuality is his own business, but this constant coy "oh, a gentlemen won't reveal his sexuality, but look at this song I've written about gay men... could that be a hint?" stuff is grating. If someone has sent a death threat - a proper one - maybe if you stop telling everyone how you won't be honest all the bloody time might stop emails like that coming.


James said...

I quite like his tunes. However, this gay-or-no-gay caper reminds me of something a lot less glamourous and achingly-metrosexual; It reminds me of the way Jimmy Tarbuck will try to mention in every interview "Eh, Cilla Black, lovely lady, eh? Y'know people always asked me whether me and her had, y'know, eh, but, er, eh, y'know, a gentleman never tells, eh... *vomit-inducing wink to camera*"

flaaart said...

An even more gratingly cringeworthy example would be Cliff Richard's references to Sue Barker.

But the analogy isn't exact since the implication is not so much that Mika may be trying to 'grow his own' beard as that he could be deliberately leaving the receipt for it in view before snatching it away.

All very tiresome, except... there could be another possibility of course : that he is neither primarily straight nor gay but non- or a- or auto- (or something even less defined than that). If so it would not really be appropriate to apply standard closet rules of any kind since 'out and proud' isn't - as yet - a meaningful option in those circumstances, at least not for musical celebrities. Equally, however, if that is the case "when you're in a hole, stop digging" is always sound advice.

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