Saturday, March 31, 2007

Diddy flees from wannabe Daddy

We always knew that Sean Combs was all puff and no balls. Does any man in 2007 really get so thrown by having a bloke hit on him that he runs away squealing?

Diddy lasted just ten minutes at London's Maddox club, before his shiny, shiny things and stylish clothes attracted another guy's eye:

One guest reveals: "This guy was quite drunk and he'd already made passes at one of the barmen. But when Diddy walked in, the guy made it his mission to try and get in there with him."

"The guy just went in for the kill, grabbing a vodka bottle off Diddy's table and lunging towards him. He looked like he was puckering up as he tried to grind against him - and Diddy wasn't amused. He couldn't flee the club fast enough."

It's not clear why Diddy flew away in such a panic - was it because he was enjoying it a little too much? Is he afraid you can catch gayness? Or was it simply that he was annoyed that he was considered second choice after his admirer had got a knock back from the hired help?

Still, at least the guy who tried it on has the excuse that he was very, very drunk indeed.

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