Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Diddy & Snoop bail

BBC News is reporting that Snoop Dogg and P Diddy have pulled their UK tour, following on from the failure of Snoop to get a visa.


Franco said...

I suspected that the tour would be pulled but not because of Snoop. The guy who successfully took P Diddy to court over his name would be entitled to a percentage of anything which carried the P Diddy name including the gross earnings from the joint concert (can't see the Dogg being happy about giving up part of his share because his partner can't use Google).
Naturally, they can blame the one party in all this mess which "doesn't comment on individual cases" but should know (along with every fan) of Snoop's criminal past way before he applied for the visa.

simon h b said...

The really amusing thing is that Snoop is acting all wide-eyed and innocent about this - "I can't help my past" - despite the Home Office having been so generous in overlooking these details before, only for him and his hangers-on to turn Heathrow into a battlezone last April.

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