Thursday, March 08, 2007

Ditto and so on

Beth Ditto and The Gossip were on 6Music this morning. [Real Audio, 1 hour 40-ish in; expires in seven days] It showed her at her best and worst - the music was sublime, including the version of Black Lines. The interview? Well... it was amusing hearing TopShop's reaction to her pointing out that she couldn't really do a line for a shop which doesn't sell clothes in her size, but there were some other bits which were just puzzling:

"The underground is so much more underground in big cities"

Really? In larger cities, with larger populations, the underground is more hidden? I can show you a "become a transvestite in two hours" stores by Euston Station that suggests the exact opposite.

There was also a moment where her recent pronouncements about how much cooler she is than all the people who never won the NME cool list, and how she was thrown into a battle with Kate Moss, and how Noel Gakllagher thinks she's great, bounced off this:
"Pretension is the most useless waste of time. People in the music industry can be so ridiculously full of themselves."

Do you think, Beth?


Franco said...

"Noel Gakllagher": Freudian slip of the year?

Anonymous said...

"The underground is so much more underground in big cities"

she's never been the only gay in the village then, eh? seriously though, "underground"!?! in a city?!? she's having a laugh... or possibly she is literally talking about subterranean transit systems in which case... yes, beth, undergrounds are so much more underground in big cities... on the other hand, alternative fashions and lifestyle choices are not... outside the cities you have to keep your "underground", as she calls it, hidden for fear of ignorant reactionary yokels...

gosh i dislike ditto more and more every time she opens her trap...

Ben.H said...

Uh, this tranny store near Euston: could you Google Map it? Thanks in advance xxx!

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