Thursday, March 08, 2007

Charlotte shove-crimes

Joel Madden, who pretends to be a punk in the sitcom Good Charlotte, has had a bit of a run in outside a restaurant in LA. Apparently he's accused of shoving a photographer who tried to take pictures of his girlfriend, Nicole Richie, leaving a restaurant called Mr. Chow. It's not clear if Joel was upset at the thought of pictures being taken of her, or pictures not being taken of him.

Nicole Richie in a restaurant called Mr. Chow? What, couldn't they get seats at Lord Pick? Was Duke of Nibbles closed for refurbishment?

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jona said...

Mr Chow's in Parkgate is pretty good though, I have to say. And while the likes of me can afford to eat there, I did see Michael Owen and Jamie Carragher in there once.

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