Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ditto, op cit

Beth Ditto has shared the benefits of her wisdom with the Daily Record this morning. It's interesting that the other two out The Gossip are condemned to a Rest-of-Razorlight low profile - and, while we understand that the editors probably seek an audience with Beth alone, we're not sure that it's particularly punk to have one member grab all the limelight.

Anyway, today it's the "did I mention I'm up for sexiest woman against Kate Moss" thing again:

Beth is not keen on people trying to pit her against other women in the public eye.

She said: "They like to put you up against one another, but I'm not like that. They did it with me and Kate Moss, saying you're fat and she's skinny.

"My only issue was that the editors would rather put a model in a musicmag than afemale musician."

Hang on a minute... the NME editors haven't put you and Kate "up against one another" - you've been shortlisted for sexiest woman with four other people, based on an reader's vote, and nobody (apart from you) has arranged the women based on body mass index. You're also up against Lily Allen, Karen O and Kate Jackson, and yet you don't keep on banging on about that, do you?
"I don't have anything against size zero as such, but as a feminist, I ask why aspire to be a zero? A zero is a nothing.

"When women aspire to be a nothing it says something about our culture. You should be glad for what you have."

Um... you do realise that size zero is merely a dress size and there's more pressing concerns than the semiotics of the word.

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Anonymous said...

Plus Kate Moss is famous for a few things other than being thin, one of the less shameful being a pretty successful modelling career. It's a shame that a so called feminist is judging other women on their dress sizes alone.

Primal Scream guesting aside, she may not be that musical, but you don't see anyone complaining about George Bush being up for villain of the year just because he's not a particularly musical villain, do you?

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