Friday, March 30, 2007

Es off his Bloc: Kele talks drugs

Well, that's Kele ruled out of leading the Tories any time soon - he's been honest about taking drugs. He's a big fan of E, apparently:

The drug I do enjoy taking is ecstasy, which gives a real sense of euphoria.

“It makes your senses so much more acute. It makes music sound so powerful. And it makes touch incredibly sensual. You know, every touch is orgasmic.”

He sings the praises of cocaine, too; although he acknowledges a downside:
"Cocaine can be very attractive, very seductive. But for me, it's bad news because that drug can really damage your voice."

Not to mention, of course, it spells misery and murder for Columbians, and turns nice, interesting people into obsessive bores, and obsesseive bores into advertising executives.

Lets hope, though, the Daily Mail isn't looking for a soft front-page outrage this Easter.

Not that Kele does drugs now, ohnonono:
"These days I don't even bother with pills that often. To be honest, I haven't taken anything for a whole year."

That's only a "youthful indiscretion" away from getting a marginal seat in the North West to fight, Kele.

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