Monday, March 05, 2007

Francisco Santos invites Pete Doherty for a visit

We're always quick to slap The Sun around a bit here, so it's only fair to give it credit where it's due: they're starting a series of articles on cocaine by looking at the real problem the drug causes, in Colombia, instead of wasting time on a lot of hypocritical rubbish about the users at this end.

While Oliver Harvey is exploring the misery, ecological damage and violence cocaine production generates in the country, Vice President Francisco Santos invites Pete Doherty and Kate Moss to see the situation for themselves.

Harvey doesn't take the opportunity to ask about the curious "demobilazition" of the paramilitaries by the Colombian government, of course, and presumably thought it would have been rude to raise the murder last month of Yolanda Izquierdo, human rights activist murdered by army-linked gunmen. But it's all a start, isn't it?

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Franco said...

In the next episode: The Sun confirms that "Virgin Air are thinking of flying to Columbia, or somewhere outside the US" and that Richard Branson is an evil man who wants to take over the world, one media channel at a time.

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