Friday, March 23, 2007

Houston, Lily Allen might have a problem

It's not exactly pissing on the Alamo, but Lily Allen might find her battle in America has just got a little more uphill:

"It's all very weird here. They're all backward in Texas but not as much as they are in Arkansas and Wyoming where I'm going soon.

I can't really speak for the American population - I'm so far away from anything they are and stand for."

We're no experts, but if we were trying to sell ourselves to a nation, insulting three of the fifty States and then insisting that you're "far away" from everything everybody in that nation stands for might be a bit of a bad idea. Mind you, nearly all of the Americans we know are witty, intelligent, sophisticated and know the difference between a good song and an overpromoted novelty hit when they hear it, so maybe Allen is right about being far away from what they are.

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