Thursday, March 29, 2007

How... surprising

So, how did the Sun explain its persistent and insistent claims that Mills would be kicked off Dancing With The Stars being totally wrong?

By pretending that it never said anything: it just reports that Heather is surprised:

HEATHER Mills is surprised by the positive reaction to her display on Dancing With The Stars.

Not, we presume, as surprised as anyone who relies on The Sun for their window onto the world.

The headline, by the way, is perhaps one of the most confused things we've seen in a while, all on its own:
Lady Mucca backed by fans

They give her a title, but then use the mocking nickname (albeit one which the paper's perseverance with just makes them look stupid) and then suggest the woman who they've spent six months claiming to be some sort of unloved pariah has "fans" enough to help her do well in a US-wide phone-in.

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Anonymous said...

Isn't her full name 'Heather MillsMcCartneydubbedLadyMuccaforherpornpast'??

Anyway, I'm sick of the 'comedy' mileage they're getting out of her having lost a leg. I know The Sun take any opportunity to put 'Mucca' down, but you'd think even THEY'D draw the line at taking the piss out of someone for being mutilated.

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