Thursday, March 29, 2007

Joss Stone rains on Amy Winehouse's parade

Amy Winehouse's modest record - a US chart album entry at number seven, the highest ever by a British solo female artist - has lasted only a week; Joss Stone's gone in at two this week.


Anonymous said...

Stone shouldnt be so cocky,considering her album was selling for half price at all the major outlets..sly ploy to get a hit
Lets just remind ourselves of something else here tho,something much bigger than Stone will ever be..the real queen of the UK/USA crossover is SADE,a woman who's style/sound/look has never been duplicated.A lady who all but invented the neo-soul sound,and the artist from UK who broke down all barriers in the USA charts
Sade released 6 albums in USA all of which were top 10 on Billboard,she also had a #1 album there with Promise,and also enjoyed a few chart topping singles in usa
She sold over 20 million albums in usa alone [and 50 million worldwide],she remains to this day one of uk biggest selling artists of all time
She also did this at a time where soul/rnb/jazz was not the moneymaking genre tht it is today..and also at a time where to be a platinum seller u had to sell a million!!!
Sade remains the female tht most rappers/rnb stars are inspired by and want to work with.U see her influence in ppl like Erykah Badu/India Arie/Jill Scott
SADE also did the floaty dress/joss sticks/barefoot perf long before stone was walking.
Whilst stone is getting hype.lets not forget the pioneer who has still done more..SADE

Anonymous said...

How is it MTV and the like are all reporting how great it is for a British Artist (Joss) to have done well in America, yet no mention of Modest Mouse (who are at #1 ahead of Joss) who have British guitarist Johnny Marr (of The Smiths) in the band?

James said...

Bu-b-bu-but... But Victoria Newton from the Sun said that Joss Stone was a huge failure who'd spent the last month screwing up her career! Victoria Newton from the Sun said Joss was doomed because she'd sold less albums than That Nice Ray Quinn From That Simon Cowell Thing! Surely shome mishtake? How could Victoria Newton from the Sun be wrong? She's the Showbiz Columnist of the Year!

Oh wait, she lost that title on Tuesday, didn't she? Oops.

ian said...

But isn't joss stone an american? She sounds like one

Anonymous said...

whoever posted a comparison between sade and joss stone ought to have his brain examined.

the highly mannered and affected sade was effectively a two hit wonder who could only affect one style of singing.

joss stone by contrast seems to be able to sing just about anything. she has an amazing voice, an encyclopaedic range of music knowledge and a willingness to sing both original music and the roots.

most refreshingly, she's willing to attack current vh1 and mtv and american idol music for what it is--junk. she's rightfully said that video killed the radio star and that she's out to make instrumentation and song structure and r & b part of music again.

so she's got an agenda and she can perform.

on top of all that, she's the best looking redhead in a paisley mini ever. Lindsay Lohan, go to the dogpound.

--wreck ard producer

Anonymous said...

Sade is really more about the albums, not her "hits," but your comment made you sound like an American Idol wannabe who believes artists all need to be Broadway triple threats...which leaves no room for Janis, Aretha, Bessie...

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