Thursday, March 29, 2007

Noel promises cracking start to mid-life crisis years

Elton John, you can't have failed to notice, has just turned 60 with some hoopla: seven parties, across eight continents, (one specially constructed for the event), hollywood stars, former Presidents, TV coverage. It was quite a scene. Somehow, Noel Gallagher seems convinced that his 40th birthday will challenge this event. Now, we can picture Noel's 40th: two of Ocean Colour Scene; a telegram from Paul Weller; three of the family fighting in the corner and the ghost of Meg Matthews looming over the Tescos Busty Boobs cake. This, says Noel, will be the party of the century:

“Fuck Elton John.

“My 40th birthday party is gonna be bigger and better than his — he hasn’t seen nothing. Mine’s gonna be the dog’s bollocks!”

Although there will be cheese and pineapple for the vegetarians... no, that can't be right... concentrate... on the party... balloons... pretty balloons...


George said...

Presidents plural? I assume you mean Presidents of the Unites States (the elected ones not the Lump-en ones)?

I thought it was just Bill Clinton and he probably only came because he would be the most important straight man there.

When Dubya (Jnr or Snr) or Jimmy Carter turn up, could let us know? ;)

simon h b said...

Yeah. There wasn't really an eight continent constructed, either. I may have deliberately over-egged the pudding.

Equally, I'm sure that Paul Weller actually will attend in person for Noel's birthday.

Anonymous said...

Hola Simon,

Is Frankie & Bennies worth a punt? I'm thinking of going for the first time this weekend. I presume you didn't skulk in, take a snap and run out... ta, Elvis.

Anonymous said...

err... alllow me to quickly add that I'm being forced to go out to eat in a provincial area, rather than flicking distractedly through the Zagat whilst dreaming of chain eateries. - E.

simon h b said...

Frankie & Bennys? It's okay - mama's cheese thingy for starter is quite nice; their calzones are lovely. But they're very noisy, and if someone in there is having a birthday, they play Cliff Richard doing Congratulations. Be warned.

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