Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lightbody's evenings of heavy

Apparently, Gary Lightbody has stopped drinking because he was getting through thirty pints every evening. He was depressed, see:

“I started drinking at 25. I was being an arsehole. I was swearing at people, smashing equipment and acting like a dickhead. I loathed myself. At my worst I'd do maybe 30 pints of Guinness on a three-day bender. I've always got my finger on the self-destruct button. Drink's lost its appeal, to be honest. I don't drink on tour. I get very depressed and I lose my voice, which makes me even more depressed."

To be honest, we thought that being depressed was his thing - after all, how is he going to churn out primetime TV friendly downbeat droners if he's sitting chuckling to himself at today's Fred Bassett?

And we can't help wondering if the "thirty pints of Guiness" has more than a little in common with William Hague's 14 pints of beer, which he'd hoped would prove something about himself we'd find surprising.


Franco said...

From Hague's 14 pints to Cameron's joints - does this mean the next new leader of the opposition will have to have a crack habit to be credible?

simon h b said...

Now that Doherty's taken up huntin' shootin' and fishin', I think I know where they should be looking...

Paul said...

That's 30 pints of Guinness on a "three day bender", which comes out as ten pints of a Guinness a day.

That's not a bender, that's a quiet weekend at my local.

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