Friday, March 23, 2007

Madonna's pants fail to set world on fire

There was a small queue of people eager to see what Madonna's H&M range would be like, when it went on sale in New York. The cheap bits sold out quickly - most of which has already appeared on Ebay - but the actual fashionistas were not that impressed:

"I was expecting the clothes to be a little more fashion-forward I have to say, because she is such an icon and I heard it was based on her own closet," said Daniela Maron, a fashion publicist combing the Fifth Ave. store's racks[...]

"A lot of people came in, but as for buying, it's been half-and-half," said Juan Tinch, an H&M sales associate. "There have been a lot of purchases but also a lot of returns."

Meanwhile, Madge is offering to help fashion ruin pop as much as pop has ruined fashion, by offering to help Stella McCartney make a record:
“I asked her for fashion advice and I told her, if she ever wanted to do a record, I’d gladly help out.”

To be honest, Stella, looking at how Madonna's help made Nick Kamen's pop career go, you'd be best off thanking her and politely withdrawing.