Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Mel C pushes Spice Girl reunion back further

The 3AM Girls have decided that Mel C is being "nasty" in tonight's Orange Playlist (who knew that was still going?) on ITV (who knew that was still going?), but it's more... oh, what's the word? Honest, isn't it:

"It irritates me that people write biographies now, when they're in their twenties. It's just pound signs, isn't it?"

Although, to be fair to Halliwell, it was always clear that she wasn't going to do anything of interest with the next fifty years, so she might as well do it while she can still sign off the ghost-writing.

Chisholm also thinks that her own solo work has harmed by being framed in the context of "spice girl solo stuff":
"Geri released an album, which didn't do well at all, as did Mel B. And so you just get tarred with the same brush and then you become a bit of a failure as well.

"But I have made the best records. And I'm not joking when I say that."

To be honest, Mel, "better than Schizophonic or that one Victoria did with the crows in the video" isn't really much of a boast.

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