Tuesday, March 20, 2007

No admittance of the General Public

It's twenty years since the Beat - who, apparently, we're all now calling The English Beat - played in the UK; they're now back, with their original line-up, supporting INXS.

INXS, it's fairly safe to say, won't be fielding their original line-up.

They'll be at the following places - we'd strongly suggest leaving after The Beat have gone off:

Tuesday 5th June - BRISTOL Colston Hall
Wednesday 6th - NOTTINGHAM Royal Concert Hall
Tuesday 12th - GLASGOW Clyde Auditorium
Thursday 14th - MANCHESTER Apollo
Friday 15th - NEWCASTLE City Hall
Sunday 17th - BRIGHTON Dome
Monday 18th - BIRMINGHAM Symphony Hall
Thursday 21st - LONDON Hammersmith Apollo
Monday 25th - SHEFFIELD City Hall


MuzzikLvr said...

Oh Simon don't be an ass. INXS put on an amazing show. Don't hold it against the surviving five that they still want to play. And don't hold it against the fans who have a blast watching them do it. We all miss Michael Hutchense...but there's no need to miss the great songs he and Andrew Farriss gave us. Go have fun...enjoy both bands.

simon h b said...

Hutchence was INXS. Without him - even if you close your eyes and pretend their singer wasn't hired on some Donald Trump style musical Apprentice show - they're just playing covers of their own songs. There are thousands of pub bands which can knock out a competent Need You Tonight - sadly, this current version of INXS are one of them.

Muzziklvr said...

You say that like you've actually seen INXS in concert with their new lead singer JD Fortune. Oh wait, you haven't seen them yet? So basically you're just talking out your ass. Yep! That's what I thought.

Closed minded people are such a waste in this world.

simon h b said...

I can't even begin to pretend that I know what "closed minded people are such a waste in this world" even means, but just to bring you up to speed, Fortune has been with INXS since 2005.

And, erm, yes, there's tonnes of footage of KaraokeINXS online:

... and so on. I must admit, I've not watched all the footage available on the web, but I've seen enough to draw the conclusion that Fortune was chosen as he was at a similar level to the rest of the band - competent enough.

jalex said...

If you truly believe that Hutchence was INXS, you will never be happy. However, even if he were still with them, there would be those who didn't appreciate what would inevitably have been a progression in their direction, be it musically or otherwise.

Fortunately, many fans who once decried the reality show auditions and the replacement of their idol Hutchence have since been happily converted. Since adding JD Fortune to the band, INXS have set touring records, performing shows all over the world - many of them sold out - many of them full of repeat customers. Their album has sold hundreds of thousands of copies. Their fans are a mix of fans of the old band who love the new lineup and people who are newly turned on to the band.

You don't have to stay to find out the truth: they are more than just competent, they're INXS! And it's a bloody good party!!

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