Monday, March 19, 2007

Please, Lily: The US needs you

An email from Michael Moran points us in the direction of Lily Allen's blog, and in particular this post:

Is it really important to break America ? If it is I have to write my life off for the next 9 months , playing the same gig answering the same questions to different journalists and such , or go home sit o my boyfriends sofa for a bit , then write a new album . what d'ya reckon ? As much as I love driving across America and doing the same thing every night , I'm bored slightly , this is no reflection on my audience , cause I have a huge amount of respect for them . It's the songs , I'm bored . Since January I've toured Japan , New Zealand annd Australia , I've done a European tour , gone to Paris fashion week , done a UK tour , spent one night at home , apparently I beat up some paparazzi , and now I'm on a US tour . It goes till May . I dunno what to do.

Michael asks:
[Is] Lily Allen is asking us whether she should fuck off to America or not?

It does seem to be that, doesn't it? The choice in front of us is: should Lily plod through the US playing the same songs over and over (and, let's face it, how quickly did the rest of us get with Smile and LDN after hearing them twice - never mind Alfie), or should she come here and make a new album?

I think the choice is obvious: if it puts off a second album a while longer, then you must go to America, Lily. Visit every town, city and hamlet. Do not return until you've played that clever song about how things aren't as they seem when you look with your eyes to everybody in the United States, and Canada too. Go, Lily, we'll muddle through somehow while you do your duty.

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