Monday, March 19, 2007

Robbie Williams is not seeking a second opinion alongside Fergie's

We don't know if Fergie's medical background is in psychiatry or human biology, but she seems confident enough in her skills to offer a diagnosis in Robbie William's case:

"We've all faced our demons at some point. I feel I can relate to him. In this day and age it seems everyone is going crazy.

But Robbie is doing great. He's such a charmer. He'll come back stronger from all this. That boy knows how to pack out arenas."

Well, since part of Williams' problems are, apparently, his ability to present a happy face (or, more accurately, gurning face) to the world while being eaten-up by his internal solipsism, that he seemed jolly at a party might be considered a symptom rather than a good sign - as, indeed, would be bouncing straight from rehab to the sort of pap-stalked, celeb-heavy party where you might "party" with "Fergie" in the first place. Since Fergie has spoken of her own addictions, she probably could relate to Williams, but telling a man who's hooked on drugs that "yah, everyone's so crazy now with the global warming and Iraq war" is a bit of a slap in the face.

And he "knows how to pack out arenas", does he? Isn't it more he employs people who know how to do that; he just turns up and delivers a so-so performance?

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