Friday, March 02, 2007

Re-living The Legend!

We're not quite sure if Everett True realises or not, but his guest dj slot at How Does It Feel To Be Loved (March 2nd, Canterbury Arms, Brixton) is being promoted under his old indie-pop/NME name, The Legend!

We're using the word "under" in the same sense as "a pile of unsold CRE001s under Alan McGee's bed", of course.


Julia said...

Maybe it's deliberate. He supported Sleater-Kinney a while back using The Legend! alias too (I thought it was awful but each to their own).

Tim Footman said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tim Footman said...

Sorry, I'll phrase that a little more coherently.

I'm sure he does know. That's always been his performing name.

Like Seething Wells/Steven Wells.

Or does that advertise my age a little too loudly?

karlt said...

You deleted a comment, Simon? Dd someone say something horrid about Sleater-Kinney?

Anonymous said...

I seme to remember that in the magazine he did that evetually turned into Plan B (I think - I only ever read one issue) he wrote as Everett True, The Legend! and under his real name, which temporarily escapes me and isn't particularly important. (This surfeit of True was the reason why I only ever read one issue.)

simon h b said...

Karl... no, that was the person who wrote the message deleted it. I only delete spam comments. Even when they're from Ocean Colour Scene fans telling me how hollow my life is.

Tim... Steven Wells also used to trade as Susan Williams, didn't he?

Julia... I wonder if he's trying to whip up his own nostalgia tour?

Anon... that would be Careless Talk Costs Lives, of course, which said it would self-destruct if it didn't change the music industry. Hence it's not going any more.

Greg Smyth said...

His Myspace is

Robin Carmody said...

Real name is Jerry Thackray (or, strictly speaking, *Jeremy* Thackray, which sounds like a parody of an ac*tor*-laddie).

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