Friday, March 02, 2007

Backstage at the NME awards

The NME's News Vulture was promising all the gossip from behind the scenes, but somehow didn't get round to mentioning the whole walkout by Pete Doherty and Kate Moss - apparently Pete took the hump at being asked why he was wandering off carrying a concealed spoon. Perhaps he was planning some sort of special dessert?

More interestingly, though, NV did notice this:

Beth Ditto mouthed the words 'trash' to anyone who was listening when lovely host Lauren Laverne took to the stage.



Anonymous said...

I can't be the only person who's getting more than a little fed up of Beth Ditto, right?

Mikey said...

Beth is, like Pete Doherty, a person significantly more famous for her ability to get in the papers than for her ability to make music.

Speaking of getting a little fed up, did you notice that The NMW web team got bored halfway through teh awards & stopped posting up the winners in favour of a nice game of chess or whatever it is IT people do at boozy awards ceremonies.

Anonymous said...

I shouldn't worry about it Beth Ditto. The Gossip are this year's Electric 6.

Simon Hayes Budgen said...

Now, I love The Gossip - I was holding a 1970s themed wedding, I'd book them like a shot.

But, yes, I'm starting to wish Beth Ditto would self-edit a litle more.

Michael: yes, it comes to something when The Sun has better coverage of the prize winners than the NME website does.

Chris Brown said...

Er, she "mouthed the words 'trash' to anyone who was listening"? Surely Shome Mishtake?

ian said...

NME website in shit shocker! Now that's news.

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