Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Reader's Voice: Let's hope the Geordies don't find out what those Jocks are up to!

We're still flip-flopping as to if it's the work of a band with a love of the unexpected, or just a symptom of too much time on their hands, but admittedly the Franz Ferdinand annual is a thing of beauty:

The eclectic mix of Franz-based entertainment that is the Official Franz Ferdinand Annual 2007 is now available from the webshop. The 50-page annual was lovingly designed by Anna McCarthy and features problem pages, puzzles, stories, fact files and cut out dolls, amongst many other novel FF related ways to fill a page... all the retro-tinged fun you'd expect to find in a book echoing the heady days of the Beano.

Dennis The Menace writes: "This Franz Ferdinand book is great! It's just right to pop into my trousers when Dad slippers me for melting his Oasis CDs in the microwave!"


karlt said...

I think you'll find that the idea is so twee that artists on Sarah Records would consider it beneath them.
I assume that it's available free to all those able to prove that they are not running dog lackies to the capitalist oppressors?

Elephant said...

Oooh... I typed that blurb! I've been quoted on XRRF, it's like all my dreams have come true.

- G

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