Thursday, March 22, 2007

Robbie Williams is not being confused with Casanova

We're constantly told that Robbie Williams - when he's not necking down the Pepcid - is the wittiest, brightest star in the firmament. And apparently, he's back to his old self, reckons 3AM.

He's been "chatting up" girls. This is an example of his sparkling technique:

'I like this country ... not as much as I like your breasts though.'

Bloody hell - it's more like he had no interest in picking up a woman and was just going through the motions or something.

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Michael said...

No-one ever calls them 'breasts'. Not unless they're a doctor who's pretending not to be interested in them or an inept journalist.

Either Robbie really isn't interested in the features in question, or he wasn't really in rehab and was in fact training as a consultant boobologist, or he's been subbed by an illiterate hack.

Or, and this is my guess, all three.

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