Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Let's get Dizzee

It seems that, when he started to be a bit successful, former friends of Dizzee Rascal plotted to kidnap him:

“They were meant to be my friends. But when you start to make a bit of money, people switch on you.

“They get the wrong end of the stick. They think you’re this or that, but really it’s that they miss you.

“And because of the kind of people they are, they don’t deal with it properly. They respond with violence.”

We love the idea that "yeah, they wanted to put a sack over my head, stick me in the boot of a car, drive me to a shed in the middle of Norfolk and leave me chained to a lathe, but it's because they missed me."

The plotters apparently thought that the record company would pay a large sum for the safe return of Rascal. Which seems a little optimistic - his label seemed reluctant to pay for a decent advertising campaign for the records, never mind top kidnap pay outs.

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