Wednesday, May 16, 2007

The Earth dies screaming

Madonna has written a big, important song about how the Earth is dying which she wants us all to learn and sing back to her at Live Earth. Available as a download - she's pledging all cash will go to LiveEarth somehow - it's an early sign that Madonna is hoping to seize the event and is treating Hey You (sadly, not Hey You, The Rocksteady Crew) as a Feed The World for the event.

Bet you can't wait, eh?


Webbo said...

I'm afraid that the moment she takes the stage will be the moment the earth finally despairs of humankind and shrugs us off for good.

Anonymous said...

ok that's the last straw. From now on I am going to do everything in my powers to unnecessarily pollute the Earth. I've totally given up. I hope the planet dies and takes me with it. Anything is better than putting up with this nonsense.

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