Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Hat's entertainment

If we're reading this correctly, Victoria Newton seems to be suggesting that Justin Timberlake would have been better off wearing a Liverpool hat to the Manchester United end of Old Trafford.

Victoria, you see, loves soccerball and her favourite team is Liverpool:

[H]e was also snapped wearing an awful United beanie hat as he cheered them on.

All right, I might be a bit biased because I’m a Liverpool fan and Man U have just won the Premiership.

She really, really loves the Liverpool United. She's even, as we've seen, got a Liverpool scarf - apparently, she tried to buy a Liverpool Pashmina but JJB Sports was completely out of those. And this isn't a desperate plot by the paper to try and claw back support on Merseyside after it lied about real Liverpool fans after Hillsborough.


franco said...

Does anyone know if Darling Vikki is a Scouser?

I think Victoria Newton should be given the day off on Saturday so she can sit amongst the Liverpool faithful in her "Sun" hat, waving her "Sun" flag.

That should be fun...

Anonymous said...

Victoria Newton
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Victoria Newton (born 1961 in London), is a English journalist and showbiz correspondent. She currently edits the Bizarre showbiz column of Rupert Murdoch's The Sun newspaper.

Anonymous said...

i wonder how long it takes her to write her column? (admittedly I still don't believe an entity like this can possibly exist)

simon h b said...

I do recommend, for those of you who'd like to get to know Victoria a little better, her "my life in media" from the Independent a while ago

The most telling piece is, perhaps, her inspiration:

When you were 15 years old, what was the family newspaper and did you read it?

My parents always got The Guardian so I read that, and also the Daily Mirror because my dad liked their football coverage. I automatically turned to Rick Sky's showbiz gossip column.

This is quite interesting too:

What media do you turn to first thing in the morning?

I read The Sun first to check what has changed in later editions overnight. Sometimes I will have changed my column to include pictures or stories from a film premiere or a party.

... it almost sounds like it comes as a surprise to her, too, doesn't it?

karlt said...

Interesting that she claims to have bunked off school to watch Neighbours. Neighbours was first broadcast in this country in 1986, which means she was still at school aged 24...

angy said...

All Liverpool fans let out a collective wince, and look away.

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