Monday, May 14, 2007

Elvis Cost Hello

Elvis Costello has always nurtured his reputation as valuing his work, if not above rubies, then at least above jingles for cornflakes. Sure, his pappy might have taken the R White lemonade shilling, but that wasn't a route Costello would go down.

Jim McCabe has just pointed out to us that now, though, Costello is doing adverts. And for Lexus, the carbon-emitter of choice for Alan Partridge.

Even more seedily, he's doing gigs for which you can only pay using a specific brand of credit card. Now, we can understand smaller, less rich acts reluctantly signing up to do gigs where fans get excluded if they happen to be on the wrong, or no, mobile network. But when you're rich as Costello, doing gigs that exist solely to try and shore up one credit card over another? It's one thing to sell out, but to sell out with a "We accept Visa" notice hanging around your soul is quite another.

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Anonymous said...

Even more amusing when you consider his appearance on the Larry Sanders Show way back when, selling Hank his old Bentley because he doesn't want to be "one of those sad male menopause guys, driving around in their sports car, looking for pussy". When in fact it later emerges that he's only sold it in such a hurry because it's prone to breaking down, leaking gas and bursting into flames.

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