Friday, May 18, 2007

Even Cowell hates Grease Is The Word

Okay, it's probably slightly hypocritical of us to suddenly start hailing the quality of Simon Cowell's critical judgement, but when he has a pop at Grease Is The Word, you do find yourself nodding:

"It has been slaughtered by the critics and rightly so."

Of course, the difference between us and him is that we're not actually making the programme through our indie company.

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James said...

Seriously, what's to like about that show? I'm not ashamed to say I really liked Maria and Joseph (who couldn't love watching Graham Norton and Andrew Lloyd-Webber trying to out-gay each other on Saturday night TV?), but Grease is horrible in every possible way. It warms my cockles and restores a little of my faith in the British public to hear that Grease pulls in just half the audience of the show it's so closely trying to mirror.

By the way, this may sound incredibly snobbish, but... Does anyone else suspect that the average Grease auditionee may not anticipate what they're getting into? Could it be that they're from the same pool of people who slavishly queue up for X Factor auditions every year, and who are thinking this is the same thing? Are they aware that if they win, rather than record a few bland swing covers, they'll need to perform onstage 7-8 times a week, without any of the luxuries of second takes and auto-tune?

I may be wrong, but it might be worth checking your local bookies for the odds on the winning pair pulling out of the stage show after a month...

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