Monday, May 14, 2007

The forgotten wars

Did you know Fergie and Nelly Furtado are currently caught in a war of words? Nope, us neither. But apparently Fergie has reneged on a ceasefire agreement, causing Furtado to appeal over her, erm, lovely lady lumps direct to the people:

"We spoke about it face to face... We kinda cleared it up about a month ago... I thought it was water under the bridge.

I threw the first punch, technically, thinking she had thrown the first punch. She told me she did not and then I said, 'You know what, I'm sorry...'

I'm sure we'll be friends again in the future.

I'm not a bully, I'm just an artist and when you're an artist you have a certain artistic license and when you feel things intuitively and you feel like you've been insulted or hurt you just react."

Although, of course, it seems that Nelly doesn't extend that artistic licence to Fergie.

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Claire said...

Fergie is a perfect example of what is wrong with American culture, and (sadly) I'm american so I can say that. My list of "Celebrities That Really Piss Me Off" is long and unusual but she is always way up there. Also I'm drunk.

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