Monday, May 14, 2007


VH1 have created their own answer to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, presumably thinking that anything that doesn't involve a trip to Ohio has to be a bonus. And it's a way of tempting back groups who would consider themselves above that series where they try to reunite groups for a bit of a laugh.

So it is that the first ever VH1 Rock Horrors was born. Sorry, that's Rock Honours. Agreeing to come ("Chosen for the honours") were ZZ Top, Ozzy Osbourne and Genesis, who did agree to play together for the first time in fifteen years, but sadly drew the line at calling themselves Genezzis to make it a hattrick of double-z bands.

Nickelback showed their respect for ZZ Top by doing a cover of Sharp Dressed Man - presumably they thought it would be too risky for sometimes-soused driver Chad Kroeger to drive onto the stage in the ZZ Top car, although it's arguable he'd have done less damage than he did on the Top back catalogue.

Keane also turned up to do something; and the whole thing was held together by Robin Williams as host - presumably chosen as he was last culturally relevant at roughly the same time any of the winners were.

Ozzy Osbourne advertises an oily butter replacement.

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