Friday, May 04, 2007

Love comes to an end

So, there we were, listening to On Sussex Downs and wondering if there was any wisdom in feeding a shirt to a cow, when, by one of those cosmic coincidences, the newsreader pipes up with the Drowned In Sound announcement of the Larrikin Love split. There is, naturally, a statement as a testament of how good natured all this is:

Larrikin Love have announced today that they have split up. The band would like to thank all their fans for their support and love over the last two years and assure them that all is amicable between the four members.

Further details of ongoing projects from all members will be announced in the fullness of time.

The Larrikins

Oddly, since they signed the statement, they appear to be talking about themselves very, very firmly in the third person.

Still, this does leave the great cow question unanswered. We imagine it depends on what your shirt is made of as to the level of damage it would do to a bullock, but the challenge would be getting the cow interested in the first place. We wonder if they meant goat instead?