Friday, May 04, 2007

Beverley Knight: shrewd shopper or just broke?

The 3AM Girls have enthusiastically applauded Beverley Knight for her down-to-earth shopping style:

Bev, 34, who's on tour this October, said: "I prefer high street clothes. Designer stuff is so over-rated."

Hear, hear!

Yes: hear, hear. Of course, the cynical observer might wonder if this is a bit like "a motor car is phoney/I'd rather have shanks' pony" - making a virtue out of a lack of choice.

Still, let's assume that Knight really does hang up in disgust when Stella mcCartney begs her to wear her frocks. Where was Knight making this observation about how great High Street fashions are?
Speaking at the launch of Warehouse's autumn/winter collection in London...

How brave for a person being paid to launch a high street clothes chain clothes to, erm, say how great high street clothes are.