Thursday, May 24, 2007

McFly tours: the truth

Lil'Chris, who apparently hasn't yet worked out that he's being patronised for a living, has just got back from the McFly tour. They sound like, oh, such a laugh:

"McFly thought they'd take the mickey out of me and presented me with this plate of insects. I wasn't that scared and ate the scorpions, worms, crickets, caterpillars and some ants, but Danny ( Jones) was really scared to do it.

"The scorpions were crunchy, the ants bitter and like body odour. Danny ate some worms and ants then threw up on me."

"Tom (Fletcher) stole my wallet and Danny and Dougie (Poynter) photocopied my driving licence and the picture of me without a hat.

"They put 100 copies of it round the theatre we were in and left some custard in a condom in my wallet."

Chris is, what, seventeen years old, and McFly are even older. It's not entirely clear why they seem to have confused 'tour' with 'twelve year olds on an exchange trip'.


Nat in London said...

Have you ever been on a tour when you were about 20, lots of free time, totally bored? If you had you'd have prob done the same! Its harmless fun ain't it. Maybe you're old and mature and showing your age..

simon h b said...

You're touring. You're in places you've never been before, with lots of free time.

And you choose to fill condoms with custard?

It's harmless, but the lack of being able to think of anything better to do with their time is somewhat sad.

Robin Carmody said...

They are reconstructed Upper Class Twits of the Year, after all.

If a few people in a few marginals had voted differently in February 1974, a certain Lowestoft adolescent would never have had to go through such humiliation.

Jennyfer said...


lil funny! :P

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