Saturday, May 26, 2007

Sharon Osbourne threatens to push head up woman

The ever-charming Sharon Osbourne hasn't let the passing of what feels like several aeons dissuade her from responding to the last mutterings by Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed. They had attempted to try and raise some interest in their me-too faked-reality TV show by saying something or other about the Osbournes. Now, seemingly tired of waiting to come up with the perfect witty riposte, the woman ITV thought would make a charming teatime TV host has just shot out:

"His wife's s**** has been rubbed on every pole in LA. I'll fucking tear his head off and stick it up her!"

We're sure Gala Bingo will be delighted at seeing the person they're paying to promote their product is suggesting the correct way to solve a dispute is by murdering a woman's partner and then violating her body with part of the dismembered corpse.

Maybe we should ask them.

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Sarah Ditum said...

Horribly, the headline implies it could be Sharon's OWN head being pushed up woman. Now I have nightmares about Mrs Osbourne hosting a new show in which she performs amateur gynaecological procedures. And I wouldn't put it past ITV to commission it.

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