Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Smoke gets in your eyes. Even if you're wearing rubbish wraparound shades.

Over at E's FirstLook News Blog (and could someone there sort out their permalinks, please?), they're reporting that Bono has made himself unpopular with his neighbours. No, not the ones in Dublin, forced to live in the shadow of the self-aggrandising U2 Tower. This time its the other people in the New York San Remo block. Bono has been complaining about smoke seeping into his expensive pad; the management board have banned fires in the building until the problem is sorted out.

But has Bono looked closer to home for the source of the smoke? Could it be his PR machine starting to smoke as he juggles photoshoots with George W Bush, the G8's failure, his hijacking of the Make Poverty History movement, the whole moving the band to the Netherlands for tax purposes, the trouser court case and the whole Red thing?

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Anonymous said...

I remember back in the day when one could crack one of those "yeah he still hasn't found what he's looking for!" jokes. Now, though, he's just pathetic.

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