Saturday, May 26, 2007

Stapp's wife asks judge to let her take her chances

The horrible mess of Scott Stapp's disintegrating marriage continues its public implosions. Last Sunday, Jaclyn Stapp called the police when Stapp threw orange juice at her. The OJ missed - it's been ages since Stapp managed a hit, after all - but the courts issued a restraining order against him nevertheless. Now, Ms Stapp has asked for the restraining order to be dropped - although, curiously, not because she is withdrawing her claims that he's a drug-addled violent danger:

"The filing of the voluntary dismissal was at my client's direction, but shouldn't be taken as withdrawing any of the allegations which were made in the petition," said Jaclyn Stapp's attorney, Michael Gora. "My client and her husband have been attempting to reach an understanding for the benefit of their marriage and child." Gora declined to comment further.

The terms of the bail on which Stapp has been released still mean he can't go to the family home - except to use the recording studio, which means we're all still at risk, then.

Stapp suggests that his wife's claims about violence and drugs are nothing to do with not wanting to be the victim of domestic violence, but more mercenary in intent:
Scott Stapp's attorney Robert Gershman declined to comment Friday but previously has denied there were any drugs on the couple's property and has said that Jaclyn Stapp's 911 call was motivated by money and custody of the child.

... and the carton of orange juice flying over her head.

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